Game of LIFE

game of life

It only took me 47 years to realise life is a GAME! And then it took me 2 years to realise that HOW we PLAY the GAME of LIFE effects how we FEEL.

— if we are smart we listen to our feelings and play the game of life so that we ALWAYS feel good. That is the ULTIMATE GAME ehh!

The Longest Journey Is Usually The Shortest

just being myself

Sometimes connecting with ourself is the longest and hardest journey we make in life. It can take a life time to discover the depth of who we are and learn how to express this creatively in our every day living. And yet it is a journey worth making.

Nowhere To Go …

nowhere to go

So often we feel life should have a destination but it does not, it only has a story. The only journey that is really worth our time and energy is inside – to ourselves.



So many STRIVE for success yet the day we were born we were successful – the rest of our lives should be about CREATION not success!

Paddle Downstream


Anyone can paddle upstream and use their will and ego to get results but this is called ‘hard work and struggle’ – better to let go and use flow. When we use passion as our compass and desire as our vessel, the currents of life will take us where we need to go with ease.

You Can Paint ANY Picture You Like

paint any picture

Our life is not a pre-painted canvas we can paint anything we DESIRE and if our choice is integral to who we deeply are it will be ‘easy’ to do. It may not be straight forward because sometimes our life is like a puzzle we have to solve but when we look back over our life we will see how easy things have really been.